From beads to fashion


As the video shows, the know-how and dexterity of these women are transforming a traditional art into a contemporary fashion trend. As a result, across the globe, thousands of women are now wearing Maasai jewelry as accessories. They match it with their dresses, tops and bottoms. Hence, they proudly display an artwork they identify with. It is more than a jewelry, it is their way to tell those women in Africa that their work is beautiful, valuable and fashionable. For those artisans, it’s a way to earn a living. Moreover, for those who love those handicrafts, it’s a way to appreciate the cleverness and adroitness of hands that can speak about beauty and fashion.

From colorful beads to dazzling earrings, necklaces and bracelets, women all over the world have learned to discover a culture that uses beads to express emotions and lifestyle. Today, they’re sharing the beauty of their beads and jewelry with all of us.

The hands that create these jewelry make them with passion, art and dexterity. The way they assemble colors together is the expression of the beauty they want to see in each and every one of us when we proudly wear the works of their hands. Each color has a meaning. Each piece of jewelry has a value. So together they compliment our style. They brighten our outfit. And they catch the eyes of admirers who can’t help but say out loud how beautiful we look.