The “beads” story

Beads have been used by Maasai women for centuries. Beads in Maasai society are very meaningful as they indicate social status and special circumstances such as wedding, birth, etc. Maasai women are dexterous jewelry maker and make with elegance those beautiful jewelry we love.

Red  beads are synonym of bravery and strength. Red also symbolized the blood of cow slaughtered for community feast, hence representing unity.

Blue beads are synonym of energy.

Green beads are synonym of land and health. Land because of the food cattle needs for grow and health because a green land is a healthy land.

Orange is synonym of hospitality. Several tribes use the skins of animal to make blankets, especially for guests.

White is synonym of purity. Traditionally, Maasai considered cows as holy cattle. So they associate the color of cow’s milk to purity.

Black is synonym of challenges and difficulty people face.

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